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HYCOT disks

HYCOT make-up removing disks

HYCOT make-up removing disks based on high quality absorbent cotton, soft and resistant, used in cleaning up, absorption and make-up renoval. Avanilable in 100- disk sachets.

HYCOT cotton

HYCOT cotton in a hight quality absorbent cotton presented in accordion-shaped cloth folds. Used in cleaning, mopping up and absorption. Available in 25 and 50 grams.

Hycot Cleansing wipes

dry and sensitive skin

Hycot Cleansing wipes have been studied for only a single step, Your face and your eyes are clean and your skin still soft. Recommended for dry and sensitive skin, Recommended for dry and sensiblesles wipes remove all impurities and traces of makeup giving you a pleasant feeling of comfort and softness.

HYCOT coton-stemps

HYCOT coton-stemps are made of bleached coton ; they are soft and absorbent; can be used in different sectors: Medical, cosmetic, etc... King flex coton-stemps are packed in transparent boxe of 90 and 150 units. Exist in different colours.

Hycot Squares

100%cotton hycot squares ultra absorbent ,extra soft Hypoallergenic,never pill and never split Fore face and body cleaning and for the whole baby’s care Perfectly suitable for beauty loition application

Baby wipes

Hycot Baby wipes are designed to clean without rinsing the skin of your baby. They are ideal for the exchange and the toilet daily, thanks to its gentle cleansing formula that fully respects the natural balance of the skin while giving your baby a perfectly clean.